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Susquehanna Orchid Society
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The Orchid Society of
Western Pennsylvania
Location: Phipps Garden Center.
1059 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
412 441 4442
Mini Class: 1:30
Meeting: 2:15-5PM
Quick link to the complete
Paph Survey with clones
Gown by Janet Greenberg on
her windowsill.
The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania is a member of the American Orchid Society, the Orchid Digest
Corporation and the National Capital Judging Center.  We are the 2013 recipient of the American Orchid Society's
Distinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award.
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OSWP would like to update our logo.  $100
prize for the best logo submission. Submitter does
NOT need to be a member.
1. Must be submitted by January 19, 2015 to

Carolyn Bolton.  Will be voted on by board.
2. In color with orchid featured and something
that signifies this area.
3. Submitted on disc or jump drive.
4. Winner announced at the Show Preview Party.
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