​Oncidium David Stead HCC/AOS

2017 Show Wrap-up

Rhyncattleanthe Afternoon Delight 'Magnetism' CCM/AOS 82 points

Awarded to Sheila Nathanson at the Spring Show.

Phrag. Acker's Lovely 'Lemonberry'  HCC/AOS

Dave Miller took two of Carol Panza’s orchids to AOS judging.
Carol had both awarded Highly Commended Certificates
from the American Orchid Society.Congratulations!
As Russ Vernon of New Vision Orchids has told her, Grow
your own award. Buy a seedling. Carol is a wonderful grower
and followed his advice.Russ made the Oncidium David
Stead cross and Chuck Acker hybridized the Phrag. Ackers
Lovely.Congratulations again!

The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania was organized in 1954 and formed to advance the propagation, horticulture and preservation of orchid species and hybrids

2017 Calendar

July 16 Society Picnic Tim Choltco's House

      1866 Bull Creek Road, Tarentum PA 15084

August Vacation Month

​September 17  George Hatfield, Hatfield Orchids


Spring show dates,,,March  3/14 - 3/18 2018

If you would like to share a meal with the speaker, when possible, at a restaurant or at someone’s
home, please let me know.
If you would be willing to offer your guest room to a speaker, please let me know.

Demetria Marsh, Program Chair
demetmarsh@verizon.net 412-848-4349

All are welcome to our meetings members and nonmembers.


Cypripedium acaule,

RothRock State Park

Meeting are usually 3rd Sunday of the month

Location: Phipps Garden Center

                 1059 Shady Avenue

                 Pittsburgh, PA 15232

                412 441 4442

                Mini Class: 1:30

                Meeting: 2:15

The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania is a member of the American Orchid Society, the Orchid Digest Corporation and the National Capital Judging Center.  We are the 2013 recipient of the American Orchid Society's Distinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award.

The Orchid Society 


​Western Pennsylvania