2017 Exhibit space

If you wish to enter an exhibit to show your orchid plants and growing ability you will need
to contact Jim Yamber to reserve space.
The spaces range from 9 square foot to 100 square foot in area.
9 Sq. Ft. is considered a table top only amateur growers can enter this category.
25 Sq. Ft, is a 5’ X5’ space with open front or front and side open.
50 Sq. Ft. is 5’X10’ space with open front and can have a side open.
If you require larger than 50 Sq. Ft. contact Jim Yamber ASAP.
Please make all reservations for space no later than March 8, 2017
Email Jim Yamber at quail1@verizon.net and please have in the subject OSWP Show so I
don’t delete it for not recognizing it is for the show.
May you all have a great show.