Hello OSWP Members and Friends,

In case you missed it, the Co-Chairs for the 2017 Spring Orchid Show are Gary VanGelder and
Sheila Nathanson. We got a bit of a late start and are doing our best to catch up fast.
Show setup will be on Thursday March 16, 2017. Judging will be on Friday March 17, 2017. The
show will be open to the general public on Saturday, March 18, 2017 10 AM to 5 PM and Sunday,
March 19, 2017, 10 AM to 4 PM. It will be at the Phipps Garden Center as always. We are taking
the first step this year in trying to shorten the time commitments for members helping out at our
show by eliminating setup on Wednesday evening. We are exploring the possibility of moving
judging to early Saturday and eliminating Thursday next year.
This year’s theme, An Orchid Extravaganza, was selected to help inspire attendance by the general
public, and then to have them be amazed by the variety, beauty, and quantity of the orchids
displayed in our show. We hope many of our members will be on hand to answer questions.
The repotting table was a great PR success last year, so we will be doing it again this year.
It has been incredibly helpful that OSWP members agreed to help chair committees without hesitation
when asked. We still have a few that need chairs, so please contact Sheila or me as soon as
possible if you are willing to take on one of these. The needs are Hospitality (coordinating the
food for the weekend), Show setup on Thursday morning, Show Cleanup on Sunday afternoon,
and the Raffle Table. Coordinating these aspects of the show are perfect for someone newer to the
society, so please jump in if you would like to contribute, but felt a bit unsure if you knew enough
about orchids or the show to take on one of the other committees.
The committees with an established chair(s) as of the submission of this article are:
Publicity - Arlene Ricker
Vendors - Norma Raiff
Judging and Show Schedule - Tayler Slaughter, Assisted by Dave Miller
Society Exhibit - Carolyn Bolton and John Whiting
Judges Lunch - Mike Lyse
Education/Lectures - Tim Choltco
Posters, Banners, and Bookmarks - Circe Curley
Trophies - Janet Greenberg
Society Sales Table - Nancy Kline
AOS Photography - Josh Hagen
Registration - Dave Miller and Tim Choltco
Clerking - Carol Panza
Exhibits Lay Out - Jim Yamber
Photography Exhibits - Lori McDermott
Exhibit Signage - Carolyn Bolton
Repotting – Dave Miller and Carolyn Bolton
Welcome Table – Dee O'Hara
We will be passing clipboards at the next two meetings, but please contact one of these individuals
sooner if you can help them out in any way.
Please contact Gary (412-638-9756 or gvangelder@verizon.net) or Sheila (412-343-9457 or
msnsan@gmail.com) if you have any other questions or suggestions
Gary Van Gelder

AOS Show Trophy – Sponsored by OSWP
Orchid Digest Award
People’s Choice Exhibit
Best Exhibit (Open) 50+ sf
Best Exhibit (Amateur) 50+ sf
Best Exhibit (Open) 25 sf
Best Exhibit (Amateur) 25 sf
Best Table Top Exhibit (Amateur)
Best Society Exhibit
Best Cattleya & Related Genera (Open)
Best Cattleya & Related Genera (Amateur)
Best Paphiopedilum & Related Genera (Open)
Best Paphiopedilum & Related Genera (Amateur)
Best Phragmipedium (Open)
Best Phragmipedium (Amateur)


Trophies are awarded to each of the “best” in 26 categories, as selected from the ribbon winners
within a class. The classes are selected by the judging chair.
These categories are listed below as they were defined for the 2016 show, and are being reviewed
for possible modifications.
Most categories have two levels: Open and Amateur.
The AOS trophy and the Orchid Digest Award will have sponsors.
We ask members to sponsor your favorite “Best Category” trophy at $25. First come, first
served. New members…this is a great chance to share in the Spring Show excitement! Also,
this is a wonderful opportunity to sponsor a trophy in memory of a loved one.
If you wish to sponsor a trophy, please contact Jan Greenberg, janetg150verizon.net
Thank you.

There is no Preview Party this year.  Please contact Gary Van Gelder about food donations or money for food during the meals for the show.  

Show information for members/vendors

OSWP 2017 Annual Spring Orchid Show

 An Orchid Extravaganza​