OSWP Elections on June 10!

The 2018-19 Nominations Committee is pleased to announce that we have a full roster of willing nominees for the open officer and director positions.  We have one board member, April Arroyo, who has one year to go on her two-year position.  Also, our Treasurer has agreed to recommit for the next two years.  The Treasurer is the only position that is permitted to serve consecutive two-year terms.  Please note that we are able to accept additional nominations from our OSWP members so long as the nominated member agrees to their nomination.  Be sure to attend our regular 2:15 p.m. meeting on June 10 to cast your vote.  Nominations will close at that time.  If you wish to nominate someone, please contact Val Robey at vrobey71@gmail.com anytime between now and the close of nominations on June 10.

President – Demetria Marsh

1st Co-VP (Program Co-chairs) – Lori McDermott/Tim Choltco

2nd VP (Mini Class Coordinator) – Sheila Nathanson

Secretary – Lance Cheuvront

Treasurer – Janet Greenberg

Directors –  Don Ammon, Mike Lysy, Kim McClelland, John Whiting

Respectfully submitted,

Nominating Committee:  Mike Lysy, Norma Raiff and Val Robey