This year at Artsmiths, our new show location, we are planning a smooth and fun transition.  Just in case, we have a new committee, THE HELPERS.  (Mr. Rogers would be so proud.)
Our job is to help with whatever is needed.  Carrying things, directing people, whatever needs done to help out.
So, please contact Demetria Marsh at demetria117@gmail.com or 412-848-4349, to let her know you are willing to HELP.
2 hour segments:
Thursday, March 14, from 8AM – 10PM
Saturday, March 16, from 9AM – 5PM
Sunday, March 17, from 10AM - 4PM

You can sign up for volunteer slots online! Thanks very much!

2019 Show Information

Registration help,  what classification does my plant fall into?, where to find parentage?