Holger Perner Family Fund

Dr. Holger Perner, 55, beloved husband of Wenqing Perner and father of Isabell and Stefanie Perner, passed away suddenly in his adopted home of Chengdu, China following a short illness. Holger earned his PhD in ecology, and had given up his job in the National Science Academy in Germany in 2001 to pursue his lifetime ambition of protecting the ecology of orchids in China, as well as helping the local mountain populations develop new cash crops to escape from crippling poverty. He held down multiple jobs to pursue his goals, including that of a senior counselor at Huanglong National Park in Songpan County, Aba prefecture, co-founder of Hengduan Biotechnology, a small company devoted to the development of ex situ methods of Chinese orchid conservation and cultivation, and to develop and commercialize the tissue culture of blueberries. Holger taught locals to plant blueberry seedlings with the help of his wife, and in doing so, transformed the local economy of villages in the vicinity of Huanglong, Sichuan. He was a local hero in these communities. His last project was to develop cranberries as a cash crop for the high mountain populations of Aba prefecture, and the week before his untimely death, was collecting and analyzing soil samples to determine suitability for this new agricultural venture. Holger and his wife Wenqing were well known in the international orchid community, where Holger was a featured speaker at national and international orchid meetings. Holger and Wenqing also led multiple Botanic Nature Tours in Sichuan, Yunnan and other parts of China, introducing the flora of this incredibly diverse ecology to botanists and naturalists from many parts of the world. Holger and Wenqing had poured all of their savings back into their business, and with Holger¹s passing, Wenqing now finds herself without life insurance or savings, two young daughters to educate, as well as responsibility to the staff of Hengduan Biotechnology. Wenqing wants to carry on Holger¹s legacy by continuing the Hengduan Biotechnology business and the Botanic Nature tours. Many have asked how they can help Wenqing, and thus we have set up this fundraising campaign to help with her family expenses. Any and all donations are most appreciated. The primary goals are to provide funds for the education of Isabell and Stefanie. It was Holger¹s goal to have both of his daughters receive their high school and college educations in Germany; Wenqing pledged to Holger that she would try to carry out his wishes. Please help in any way that you can. USA RESIDENTS CAN MAIL THEIR CHECKS, PAYABLE TO WENQING PERNER TO


100% OF PROCEEDS WILL BE DEPOSITED INTO WENQING¹S USA BANK ACCOUNT. OUTSIDE OF THE USA, PLEASE USE https://www.youcaring.com/wenqingperner-814815 Note: The YouCaring website donates 100% of the donation to the recipients, but there is an optional donor fee.