Orchid Fest Review

Banners were hung at the Garden Center gates with care,
In hopes that the public would be made aware,
Of the Fall Fest being held October 15-16.
Posters, signs and media releases,
Facebook, the website and individual tweets’es,
Encouraged folks to attend.
Vendors arrived on Friday with a clatter,
Tables were set amidst lots of chatter,
Plants, and plants and more beautiful plants abound,
In an effort to draw orchid enthusiasts to our town.
Volunteers stood ready to meet, greet and keep things running,
Food donations arrived and the kitchen was humming.
Despite all these efforts to bring in a crowd,
The Garden Center never got very loud!
Many things beyond our control impacted attendance at our Fall Fest. However, those who did attend were
treated to a gigantic selection of plants and supplies. Our six wonderful vendors were extremely gracious,
hauling in a gorgeous inventory of plants, conducting educational lectures and sharing advice. A warm thankyou
goes out for all their efforts. We look forward to a much stronger March showing.
Thanks also to Nancy Kline with her team, Carol Panza and Edy Van Dyke, who managed the Society Sales
table throughout the two-day event. The repotting station stood ready all weekend to service customers and
their overgrown plants. Thanks to Dave Miller for leading the effort and Arlene Ricker, Gary VanGelder, and
others who rolled up their sleeves to assist. Repotting is the perfect opportunity to interact with the public, answer
questions, and encourage membership. Thanks to their efforts we can celebrate the addition of new members.
The highlight of the Fest was the Watch It Grow, Mini Orchid Show, the creative addition of Demetria Marsh.
In an effort to increase the number of exhibits at the March Show, society members were encouraged to use
this opportunity to learn what it takes to design and build an exhibit for judging. Individuals were partnered
with an experienced mentor to take a plain old card table and turn it into a free-standing glorious display. Over
the two day event, four teams worked to complete an exhibit from beginning to end. While there was no judging
involved, participants performed all the steps required, from preparing plants for display to effective labeling.
On Sunday afternoon, Dave Miller and Barbara Tisherman, with their AOS judging experience, observed
and discussed each exhibit from all aspects – design, artistic presentation, quality of plants, color placement,
etc. It was extremely interesting to hear their comments and feedback as to what judges are looking for in
awarding ribbons. We are fortunate to have both in our Society!
Congratulations to the following exhibitors and their mentors -- thanks for your courage and willingness to
April Arroyo, exhibitor, Kathy Arria, mentor
Sheila Nathanson, exhibitor, Barbara Tisherman, mentor
Josh Hagen, exhibitor, Carolyn Bolton, mentor
Don Ammon, exhibitor, Tim Choltco with sidekick, Mortimer, mentor
And, not to be forgotten, thanks to all who shared their plants for these exhibits. The outpouring of loaners
was so great that extras covered two whole tables in the center of the room and was an attraction on its own. It
takes many hands to make such an event work. Heartfelt thanks to all who attended and worked.