Once again we will be selling items at the Society Sales Table. In order to make this run smoothly, there will be a few guidelines for those who are hoping to sell their items. As this will be a new venue, please bear with us to make our table the revenue producing area that it has been. There may be last minute changes, please stay tuned…
Make sure items are properly priced and marked with your name or initials. I would suggest 2 stickers as they tend to fall off. If you have the time, a list of your sale items would be great for us to have. Also, if your initials are fairly common, please let us know your name so we can get the proceeds to the proper person.

  • Obviously, plants are to be disease and bug-free. Anything we find to be suspect will be isolated and returned. The better your plants look, the more likely they are to sell. If they are not currently blooming, a photo of the plant is always a help. Any specific information that would be helpful can be added to a tag on the plant. People might like to know where you purchased it and any helpful cultural information.
  • We are encouraging the sale of orchid items. These are things like: art-work, books, clothing, decorative items, fancy pots and whatever else you can find that has something to do with orchids. Again, price them with 2 stickers and don’t forget your name.
  • We are taking a 20% commission for OSWP. Please price your items accordingly.
  • Items can be dropped off any time on Thursday, Friday or Saturday or even Sunday. Obviously, the longer your plant has to be on the sales table, the more opportunity it has to be sold. You MUST plan to retrieve your items by 4pm on Sunday. If you want to know if you have items to take home, call me at 412-367-1556. I will be at the show site and can find that info for you. It is your responsibility to get your items home.
  • We can use bags and boxes. Both plastic and paper bags are great. Small boxes help our buyers get the plants home safely.
  • There will be NO ‘holds’ of sale plants before they are purchased. You may pay for the plants, have them packaged and leave them with us.This includes plants that are seen before the table is officially open. If you want something desperately, find me and pay for the plant. I will deal with the paperwork later. Again, NO HOLDING of any items.
  • A record of sales will be submitted to Janet Greenberg, Treasurer, within a few days of the end of the show. Your check will come from the OSWP treasury.
  • Some help will be needed on both Saturday and Sunday. Please contact me if you are interested in working with our sale items.

With your help we can make this a profitable endeavor for members and the society alike. Nancy Kline nancyk412@gmail.com 412-367-1556 

OSWP Society Sales Table 2019 Show