OSWP Spring Show 2019 Signup

Hello Everyone,

The loss of the January meeting due to bad weather put us behind on passing around clipboards to get spring show volunteer commitments. However, this gives us a great opportunity to move into the digital age. To catch up, we are going to try an online signup system. The link is: https://ttsu.me/wrw7ve

You can easily signup for anything we normally used clipboards for with just a few clicks and then entering your name and email. Phone numbers are optional. The blocks will gray out once you make a commitment. We set it up so only your first name and last initial will be displayed for others to see who volunteered. Hopefully that will eliminate any privacy concerns. You will get an email confirmation.

We can create additional signup blocks if you are a committee chair and need additional or other help. Just let us know. This resource will allow us to automate reminders. It will also let you check later to see what you volunteered for in case you forget.

There are signups for Show Trophies, Hosting and Donations, Exhibits, Show Setup, Welcome Table, Raffle Table, General Helpers, Repotting, Security, Show Clean Up, and a few others on this web page. The clerking blocks are just there in case we need a few more. There may already be enough clerks. My hope is this system works out so well that it will become the primary signup method going forward. We designed this as a one web page system as we thought multiple pages would be more confusing.

Of course, you can directly contact the committee chair or make a call to one of us (Gary 412-638-9756, or Sheila 412-343-9457) if that is easier for you. Please email us at gvangelder@verizon.net or msnsan@gmail.com if the online signup site is not clear enough. We will eliminate blocks when a committee chair lets us know someone signed up via other methods, so do not be alarmed if you see blocks starting to disappear. We will have clipboards at the February meeting for those few who are unable to use the online system.


Gary VanGelder and Sheila Nathanson