After completing the Phipps physical orchid inventory, we are on hold for a bit.

When the set-up for the Phipps Fall Show is completed, Katie and company will work on getting the inventory in the database.  Then the P-OSI leaders can see what is needed to help make the collection super special.  If you have ideas, let us know.

If you’d like to be a part of this phenomenal team effort, contact us!  We’d love to have you for Pfun and P-OSI!  It’s a wonderful learning experience for all of us, a great way to give back to the community and to help make Pittsburgh someplace even more special.

Our teams:






 Experienced and new members are all welcome.

Park in the back of the conservatory and PUT A SIGN ON YOUR DASHBOARD:  OSWP ORCHID VOLUNTEER AT PHIPPS.  Then come thru the Center for Sustainable Landscapes thru the Tropical Greenhouse to the automatic doors to the left . . . or walk up the driveway to the back of the gardens and come thru the doors to the left of the loading dock for the conservatory.  We’ll be in the head production house where we normally repot for Pfun.   7/9 at 10AM at Phipps Conservatory growing houses.

If you cannot find us call or text

In the meantime:  Think Orchids!

For more information, contact:

Nancy Kline                                                                                                                                     

Demetria Marsh                                                                                                                                     

October 2018

Katie Schuller, Phipps Orchid grower.

A joint initiative between Phipps Conservatory and the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania to create and cultivate an orchid collection of note for enjoyment, education and research.



We have our usual 2 potting dates for December and may be looking for more help with unpacking. Our set dates are Thursday the 13th and Wednesday the 19th. There are deliveries expected that day so you may be unpacking arrivals from Hawaii.  Be alert for a possible email asking for help for more unpacking. Will be around this time, mid-late December.

There are name tags in a box in the beige cabinet in GH 1.  Please take one and add your name. These can be taken home and used when you return. Also helpful in the cafe or the gift shop when you request your 20% discount.

We also have some of our orange ‘Volunteer Parking Permits’ in that same box in that cabinet. Take one if you need one.

As always, contact me if you are available. We begin typical Pfun work @ 9:30 and finish around 12:30.  Lunch @ the Cafe is always an option. If you are working @ any other time than Pfun, please let me know your hours. These figures are reported to Phipps’ volunteer coordinator and they help both OSWP and Phipps.

If you have begun working with Katie in the greenhouses, you can contact her with your availability. Katie would love to hear from you if you have the time, she may have an opportunity for you:

If you have any questions, email me @ or call 412-367-1556.

Thanks for your help. 

Nancy Kline

We park in the Phipps lot off Frew St. Ext. after leaving a sign on our dashboard that indicates we are volunteers. From the parking lot, it is a short walk up a driveway to the production greenhouses. We begin at 9:30 and typically are finished by 12:30 with a break during our session. We often take time for lunch at the Cafe.

In the rare event that there is no parking in that area, just park in the front of the Conservatory, in the visitors’ lot around the statue. If you need to do this, do NOT put a note on your dashboard that you are volunteering!  There is usually parking on the driveway to the greenhouses. The road is narrow so, one side only and close to the curb. 



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