While you are coaxing and grooming your beautiful orchids for judging please consider taking a picture of them and submitting it to be displayed in the 2017 photography exhibit!  In addition to the traditional judging of orchids, we are pleased to announce that the photography component of the show this year will be a people’s choice (1st/award, 2nd and 3rd).  The display last year was received positively by many who attended the show.  The judging format for 2017 show will allow our guests to be involved in the exhibit.  Photos are requested by Thursday, March 16 so that they can be displayed throughout the 2017 Show.  We would love to have many orchid photos to display which will add beauty and color to the exhibit hall. 

Below is some information that will help you with your submission; Please feel free to contact me with any questions (contact information is at the end of the article);

         Photography work should include an orchid.   Black and White or Color.  If possible, please keep picture size (including frame) to be 8” x 10” or smaller. 
         The entries are not closed to members or family of members… so if you have a friend/family that loves photography and would like to enter/have their photo displayed, please consider asking them. 
         Please have the photograph ready for display (a mat or frame).  Please include on the back of your submission your name, photographer name (if different than submitter frame) and contact phone number. 

I will be setting up the display  prior to the show.  If possible, please deliver your entry (entries) .  Your photograph will not need to be registered.  Please see contact information to inform me of approximately when you will be dropping your submission to the Garden Center.  Plan to pick-up your art at the close of the Show,  after  

If you have the time, for educational purposes, supply on a separate note card the type of orchid (if known) in the photo, type of photography equipment used (if known), place photo was taken (if known).  Again, please provide a contact name and phone number taped to the back of the artwork. 

A BIG THANKS to all who enter a photograph that will make the exhibit interesting part of the 2017 OSWP show!!! 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.  Lori McDermott / 412.247.0397/ lorimcdermott@comcast.net

Photography Exhibit