O. S. W. P. Picnic Update: 2017 - July 16

The road work in front of my house is becoming a nightmare. A road that was to be closed was kept open by public outcry.  However, people are running the one lane road at 35-40 MPH without looking for oncoming traffic. There have been 2-3 near head on collisions by ass-hats.  The construction workers were nearly killed yesterday.

At this point they are closing the road AT my mailbox. This will mean WITH CAUTION the road will be open as normal. This means the route 28 side will be open. You will just SLOWLY pass through the signs that will be posted at 3 points along the 3/4 miles stretch. In other words in the newsletter the no-detour directions.

This means the posted detours will be USELESS.  For those who do come the Bull Creek way, you will need to detour around the closure.  Another option is you may park on the closed portion of the road in front of the house. This is still two lane and will be construction free on that Sunday.  There are no road hazards, so far as tire puncture possibilities, as this is where the workers park M-F when working.  I have permission from the Fawn Police to do this.
5 years in planning and PennDOT buggers the whole project.  Grumble... grumble...  expletives deleted.