​Hello Friends,
First, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and ready to get back to sharing our enthusiasm
for Orchids. It looks like we have some great programs lined up for this year (Thanks Demetria). My
thanks to Valerie Robey for becoming our Membership Chair. We really appreciated Val for taking
on this much needed responsibility. My thanks also to Tim Choltco for hosting the picnic in July. I
was not able to make it, but I hear everyone had a great time despite the road construction.
On a sadder note, I was made aware several judges from Ann Arbor passed away over summer.
These were Marilyn Lee and Alex Challis.
This is a great loss because there are fewer AOS judges available to judge shows. We need to encourage
new members to become AOS judges so there will be adequate judges for the shows and the
judging centers.
See you at the meeting,
Gary VanGelder

September, 2017

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