Happy February! 

Because of the threat of awful weather, we cancelled the January meeting.  It was sad to do that, but for everyone’s safety, it was necessary.  So, below are all the things I was going to mention at the meeting:



We are looking for a person to be the coordinator for contacting Garden Clubs a few times a year, but especially for our upcoming show.  The coordinator helps with which Garden Clubs and who is the current contact, helping write an email and then sending it.  A personal touch can mean a lot for publicizing our show. . .  Especially important in our new location.  We have several members helping with this, a coordinator would be great.  No great orchid knowledge necessary, just email.


Adam Purdy, who has been so kind for many years to pick up, deliver and store all of our show backdrop materials, has changed professions and is giving up his storage facilities.  If you have a space to store our black cans, metal rods and a few other things, that would be great.  We can rent a vehicle or ask members with vans or pickup trucks to help move things on Wednesday of our show and again on Sunday late afternoon.  Please let me know asap, as our show is approaching.  We will need to find storage very soon.  Adam will bring our supplies, but it’s best if we have a plan for their new home on Sunday, 3/17/19, when our show breaks down.


Nancy Kline suggested an idea: have a table near the entrance of our meeting as the Culture Corner, where members and guests can come and ask orchid culture questions.  Two people willing to be cultural gurus would be great.  Nancy is willing to help.  Another volunteer or two would make it easier.  Please let me know.  It would be wonderful to have the Culture Corner start at our April meeting, when we usually have a lot of newer members from the show.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE!  For a vital, growing society, we need to change and try new things.  WE NEED YOU!  Get involved and have fun learning and doing. 

Hope to see you at Botany Hall at Phipps Conservatory for our February meeting.

Stay warm,


Demetria Marsh,
OSWP President

February, 2019

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