​Dear Friends:

We met at Phipps Conservatory for our February meeting. It was as pleasant of a day as it gets in February. We large turnout (standing room only) for what was a great program. Thanks again to Demetria for coordinating the program. Also I want to add my congratulations to Georgia Wahl for her wonderful and successful career at Phipps. She was at the forefront of turning a decimated orchid collection to one of the best in the country. I hope those who attended the meeting and tours enjoyed themselves.

February’s business meeting was as brief as possible. We just covered essential show matters. Publicity is doing well. We have participated in several television interviews so far and one more is scheduled. Most of the local papers are running our press release. It now up to the members to spread the word as best they can. Circe Curley brought in a few more posters and bookmarks to help with spreading the word.

 Other show items covered included details regarding this year’s photography exhibit (see details elsewhere in this newsletter) and the need for a few more volunteers for welcome table, raffle table, repotting and security. I will be the coordinator for food items, so please let me know if you plan on bringing something, but have not put it on the list. This will help us know what we need to supplement.

Jim Yamber had only received one commitment from other than vendors for an exhibit. He needs to know ASAP if you are doing one. Please consider doing an exhibit or going together with someone else. There are always plants available and experienced members willing to advice.

I am looking forward to the show month. See you at the show.
See you at the meeting,
Gary VanGelder 

March, 2017

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