It’s December already!

As we remember the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue, those killed and those seriously injured just over a month ago, let us affirm the power of love and respect and vow to help make our world a better place, through our words and actions!  The police and emergency personnel who stepped in to help are beacons of bravery and kindness, as well as the medical staff at the hospitals.  People who know that love is stronger than hate.   Pittsburgh strong!  May we follow their examples.

Now some good OSWP news:  Phipps is allowing us to use Botany Hall in place of the Garden Center starting in September, 2019, when the Garden Center should be undergoing renovations.  Our cost will be the same.  This is a tribute to the partnership we have developed over the years, Phipps and the OSWP, to work together to develop and help maintain the Phipps orchids collection.  Just great!

Norma Raiff, who has resurrected our Orchid Gem feature for our newsletter, helping us learn more about our members, is looking for a few people to help with writing a few columns a year.  Norma has a format that is easy to follow:  pick a member, call and ask the list of questions Norma uses as a blueprint, then spend an hour or two to write the column.  Please let Norma know if you are interested.

At our November meeting, Brandon Spannbauer spoke on Pleione, a type of orchid, which, for many of us, was unknown.  Brandon did a comprehensive talk on the different species and hybrids and the seasonal culture changes needed for them.  He kept it simple and understandable.  Very well done!  With orchids, there is always something new to learn.

The Holiday Party is nigh.  Be sure to let Carolyn Bolton know that you are attending.  The sooner the better!  We are looking forward to a wonderful afternoon of a orchids (plants and a wonderful talk by Tim Choltco), food, fun and friendship.

If you cannot attend, warm wishes for a Happy Holiday and good growth in the new year.  May we experience and help spread  peace, respect and love.


Demetria Marsh,
OSWP President

December, 2018

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