Happy Spring!

First, welcome new OSWP members.  We hope you can attend our meeting at Phipps Garden Center, Shady Avenue near Fifth, in Shadyside, Sunday, April 28th.  We will have our mini-class at 1:30 and then our regular monthly meeting at 2:15.  Please come, ask questions, see lovely orchids in bloom from our members’ Show ‘N Tell plants and meet us.  We have cookies, too!  

Second, congratulations to all of us!  We moved our annual Orchid Show to a new location at Artsmiths in Mt. Lebanon, and not only survived, but prospered, not an easy accomplishment.  That is because so many members worked so hard.  Starting with our show co-shairs, Sheila Nathanson and Gary VanGelder, our thanks for the long hours and hard work to make this all happen so beautifully.  Jim Yamber, with his many trips to Artsmiths to measure and re-measure for his layout plans, plus doing the newsletter , and with Jinghua Ou managing all the changing information on our OSWP website.  Thank you both.  Thanks to Janet Greenberg, our treasurer, for dealing with all the expenses and donations beforehand, during and after the show.  It is a huge undertaking.  To all the many show chairs, people (plus their spouses)  who worked on their committees, many, many thanks.  To those who exhibited orchids and built exhibits, thank you.  Exhibiting is a labor of love and vital for our show.  A special thank you to Carolyn Bolton and John Whiting  and their team who, again, built the OSWP Society Exhibit.  To those who housed vendors and judges, thank you.  It was truly a phenomenal OSWP team effort.  Thank you all.

Third, thanks so Kate McGrady, who opened Artsmiths to us and allowed us to come in and envelop her space with our show from Wednesday thru Sunday, with extra time before and after.  She welcomed us and adjusted as we learned more about having our show in that space.

Why is our OSWP show so important?  It’s a chance for the public to see and learn about orchids, vital to our mission.  The public also learns about our orchid society, also vital.  It gives vendors a chance to sell on a personal basis to increase their marketing reach and sales, incredibly vital for a small business in this digital age.  They give us the chance to buy from knowledgeable growers who have varied stock, more than are available in the box stores.  AND our show is also the major source of our OSWP operating capital for the year.  Thank you all for making our show a success.

Lastly but not leastly, a great shout-out to Dave Miller, who after several years of study and service, is now an American Orchid Society fully accredited judge.  Dave and Mary Jo, from Ohio, are vital members of the OSWP.  Congratulations, Dave!  Thank you for all you do for so many.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 28th.


Demetria Marsh,
OSWP President

April, 2019

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