​Happy July!

First, many thanks to Gary and all our officers for their efforts last year. Without them and their
countless hours of dedication, planning and hard work, there would be no OSWP. And thanks, too, to
our new slate of officers elected at the June meeting, Lori McDermott and Tim Choltco as 1st Co-
Vice-Presidents, Sheila Nathanson as 2nd Vice-President, Janet Greenberg as Treasurer, Lance
Cheuvront as Secretary and as Directors: Don Ammon, Mike Lysy, Kim McClelland, John Whiting
and April Arroyo.

It truly does take a village, or a city, or a tri-state area, to help an orchid society grow and bloom. As
I start my term as President, I want to encourage all of us to learn more, grow better, take part in the
OSWP. Active participation is a vital element of all of the above. Join in! Learn! Have fun!
Don’t forget in the June volume of ORCHIDS, the American Orchid Society (AOS) monthly magazine,
there is an article by Dave Miller on Dendrobium unicum (page 454), plus Tim Choltco is mentioned
in Leon Glicenstein’s article on Habenaria rhodocheila. It is on page 445 regarding the naming of Habernaria janellehayneiana by Choltco, Moloney and Yong Gee in 2017. We are so lucky to have both Tim and Dave as wonderful members of our society.

Speaking of Tim, I hope you are able to attend our society picnic on Sunday, July 15, at Tim’s house.
Details are in this newsletter. It’s a great time to have fun, eat, get acquainted and see Tim’s gardens
and orchids

Happy Summer! Hope to see you at Tim’s and then see you in September!

Demetria Marsh,
OSWP President

July, 2018

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