​Hello Friends,

​My report this month is devoted to our show last month. And, what another wonderful show it was. I cannot think of anything I like better than to spend a few days in March with many great friends and fabulous orchids. Results are preliminary as I write this report, but it looks like it was very successful in every way. Very few glitches, and the few we had were minor.

Attendance was just a bit behind last year, but it was still very good. There were very few lulls until late Sunday afternoon.

My deepest thanks goes out to the following:

First, to my co-chair, Sheila Nathanson for all the hard work helping to coordinate all that is needed to have our show to be such a success. Also for filling in wherever needed.
To Jim Yamber for again coordinating exhibits, and to everyone who put in an exhibit or contributed plants for them. The exhibits were all outstanding.

To Norma Raiff for coordinating vendors, and to the vendors who brought in great plants to add to our collections.

 To Arlene Ricker for coordinating publicity, and everyone else involved in getting the word out. We do need to remember to get permission to distribute them for the management of the facility in the future. We did get one complaint on this.

To Nancy Kline for coordinating society plant sales, and to Carol Panza and Edythe Van Dyke for staffing it with her. Sales were good. Also, thanks to everyone who brought in plants for sale.

To Dave Miller and Carolyn Bolton for coordinating the Re-Potting area, and everyone who helped them. Re-Potting was well again a hit with the public. We did better at moving the line this year, but there is still room for improvement. Possibly a ticket system next year so people can view the show until we are ready to work with their plants.

To Taylor Slaughter and Dave Miller for coordinating judging, Carol Panza for coordinating clerks, and to all those who judged our show or clerked. This is a huge task. It was well done again.

To Tim Choltco for organizing the lectures, and those who presented the lectures. They were all great.

To Dee O’Hara for coordinating the welcome table, and Valerie Robey for spending time with those who showed interest in membership. We had 22 new memberships. Welcome everyone who joined. I also thank those who volunteered to staff the table.

To Demetria Marsh for coordinating the Raffle Table, those who donated items, and everyone who sold tickets. My understanding is we did well financially with the raffle.

To Mike Lysy and Circe Curley for coordinating the kitchen and getting the food ready. Also to everyone who brought in food items. We ate well as usual.

To Lori McDermott for coordinating the photography exhibit, and everyone who exhibited their photos. Even better than last year in my opinion.

To Carolyn Bolton for providing the indoor signage. Great as always.

To Circe Curley for coordination the printing of our publicity posters and bookmarks, and outside signage.

To the staff of Phipps Garden Center for their wonderful support and assistance.

To everyone who hosted a vendor or judge. Many could not attend if they had lodging costs.

To Adam Purdy for transport and storage of staging supplies. This is one of those things that is not obvious, but it is a huge need. Also to Mike Lysy for storing the exhibit drapes.

To anyone who helped out in any way not already mentioned.

And to our trophy Sponsors. This sponsorship is a huge contribution to the financial success of the show. Taylor & Frank Slaughter sponsored the Orchid Digest Award. Others who sponsored one or more trophies include: Carolyn Bolton, Diana Colaizzi, Jan Greenberg, Richard Jinz, Dennis & Karen Licht, Brien & Demetria Marsh, Lori McDermott, Florence Mesich, Sheila Nathansan, Hossein Noorbakhsh, Dee O’Hara, Norma & Rich Raiff, Arlene Ricker, Valerie Robey, David Springer, Barbara Tisherman, Gary Van Gelder, and John Whiting

And as a final show note, it appears the garden center is booked for the third week of March next year. Moving the date creates a conflict problem with Judges and Vendors. We have begun looking at alternative locations options.

Gary VanGelder

April, 2018

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