Happy July!

Summer is the prime growing time for our orchids.  They enjoy our warmer weather and longer, stronger sunlight.  Not many usually bloom during the summer, but this is the time of new growth.

Speaking of new growth . . . several new members volunteered for Pfun at Phipps and P-OSI and that is just terrific.  Hopefully it is a sign that the OSWP is in a time of growth as well.  If you haven’t already done so, let me or other members know how you’d like to volunteer to help at Phipps or with various other projects for the OSWP.

Speaking of projects, so many people this past year have helped the OSWP continue to blossom and grow.  Most recently: all the officers and directors who are willing to serve the OSWP this coming year:  thank you.  The audit committee:  thank you.  The election committee:  thank you.  Our three show chairs and all the show committee chairs:  thank you.  The working committees of the OSWP whom you hear from at every meeting:  thank you very, very much!

And, of course, much thanks to Tim Choltco, for once again offering to host our summer picnic at his house on July 21st.  He makes it a super special occasion for all of us.

We are so lucky to have an active orchid society with strong, older growth for sustenance plus newer growth to blossom into something very exciting.

It takes all of us working together to grow a vital, active orchid society. 

Happy Summer and hope to see you at Tim’s on the 21st.


Demetria Marsh
OSWP President

July, 2019

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