​Happy Autumn! 

Wow! How quickly the summer season goes.

First, many thanks to Tim Choltco and his wonderful  neighbors, the Schillings (especially Stormageddon J), for having such a great OSWP picnic in July in spite of the weather.  It was beautiful outside, inside and outside again.  Tim’s orchids, gardens and hospitality were wonderful and the great group of OSWPers, including many newer members, made it even more special.

Second, our thanks to Carolyn Bolton, for ushering us into the 21st century by giving us the OSWP website in 2002, maintaining it for 16 years.   AND . . . thanks very much to Jinghua Ou, a newer member, who volunteered to take over as webmaster.  Our OSWP website is a vital link not only for our members, but also for other interested  people to learn about the OSWP.  We appreciate Carolyn’s many years of service as well as Jinghua’s offer to continue that work.

Change is hard, challenging and it’s necessary.  The OSWP Board voted to move our show in 2019 to a new location:  Artsmith on McFarland Road in the South Hills, 5 minutes from the south portal of the Ft. Pitt Tunnels.  More later on that, but it will be an exciting challenge to move our show for a few years while the Garden Center plans for rebuilding.  Special thanks to the Show Location Task Force for all the hard work contacting, visiting, following-up with many locations then meeting to discuss and choose the top sites they found.  The Task Force was Gary Van Gelder, Janet Greenberg, Norma Raiff, Mike Lysy, Jim Yamber, Circe Curly, Barbara Tisherman, Sheila Nathanson, Carolyn Bolton and me.  Several newer members offered ideas for possible sites.  Great work from everyone!  Thank you.

It truly does take a village, or a city, or a tri-state area, to help an orchid society grow and bloom.  I want to encourage all of us to learn more, grow better, take part in the OSWP.  Active participation is a vital element of all of the above.  Join in!  Learn!  Have fun!

Happy September and see you soon!


Demetria Marsh,
OSWP President

September, 2018

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