AOS Awards at the 2012
Den. spectabile var. aureum 'Marlow Orchids' CHM/AOS, 86 points; Marlow Orchids

Den. smilliae 'Marlow Orchids' CCM/AOS, 83 points; Marlow Orchids

Paph. Cupid's Arrow 'Lover's Moon' AM/AOS, 80 points, Marriott Orchids

Paph. (Meadow Green X Alchemy) 'Monument' AM/AOS, 83 points; Marriott Orchids

Paph. Golden Crest HCC/AOS, 77 points; Phipps Conservatory

Bulb. Kalimpong 'Mem. Jane's Joy' CCM/AOS, 86 points; Windswept in Time Orchids

Paph. (Carolina Spring X Kay Day) 'First Love' HCC/AOS, 78 points, Marriott Orchids

Blc. {(Carl Bornshine X Liese Pigors) X Mem. Grant Eichler} AM/AOS, 85 points; New Vision

Paph. {(Montagnard X (Mythic Way X Incantation)} 'Big Bang' AM/AOS, 88 points; Marriott

Silver Certificate for Exhibit, 86 points - Barbara Tisherman, John Whiting, Paul Spencer,
June Marshall, Gary VanGelder and Arlene Ricker
Trophies won at Show
AOS Show trophy and Best Open 50 Sq. Ft. or greater exhibit- Barbara Tisherman and her
team (John Whiting, Paul Spencer, Gary Van Gelder, June Marshall and Arlene Ricker)
Greater than 50 sq. ft. Exhibit

Orchid Digest Show trophy and Best Society Exibit- OSWP society exhibit -Carol Panza, Edye
and Chuck Van Dyke, Ginny Mortimer and Mike Lyse.

Best Table Top Exhibit- Randy Kunkle, Esther Ryan, and Freida Clark

Best Amateur 25 Sq. Ft. Exhibit-Carolyn Bolton

Best Open 25 Sq. Ft. Exhibit

People's Choice Award-Windswept in Time Orchids owned by Edger Stelhi, Cleveland, Ohio