If you would be willing to offer your guest room to a speaker, please let me know.

Demetria Marsh, Program Chair demetmarsh@verizon.net 412-848-43

If you would like to share a meal with the speaker, when possible, at a restaurant or at someone’s home, please let me know.

No Mini Class for the next 2 months until after our Spring Show.

Come to our OSWP meeting for a 2PM start.  There will be a short business meeting filled with our own show preparations, a little show and tell (your orchid plants must stay in Botany Hall) and a talk by Phipps’ RYAN GOTT. 

 Dr. Ryan Gott is an entomologist and the Integrated Pest Management Specialist at Phipps Conservatory. He studied the environmental toxicology of pesticides at the University of Maryland and now focuses on the use and development of integrated pest management practices at Phipps using cultural practices, biological control, and least-toxic pesticides. Additionally he cares for the honey bees at Phipps, runs the Phipps Butterfly Forest, teaches a variety of entomology-based courses at the Phipps Garden Center, and conducts several on-site research endeavors.

After the presentation, we will have a short refreshment break and then we are permitted to visit the orchid growing (production) houses (where there will be a few orchids for sale for very low prices) plus the orchid show at Phipps.  We will have members helping us find our way to the production houses from Botany Hall.  Internally there are some steps.  If you go around the outside it is level or has elevators.

The conservatory closes at 5PM.  Our thanks to Phipps for Ryan’s presentation and for allowing us entrance to the Orchid Show and production houses in conjunction with our meeting.

Botany Hall is a small historic Building between the conservatory (lily ponds) and Panther Hollow Bridge by small statue of Robert Burns

Enter Botany Hall by the front outside door by Panther Hollow Bridge.  We will be in the auditorium on the main floor.

Parking is available on the public streets and around the large statue at the entrance to the conservatory itself.  Facing the conservatory by the other bridge (closer to Carnegie Library) on the right is a drive that goes down the hill to the back.  You may park there as well.  The street name is:  FREW STREET EXT.

If you have handicap parking and need assistance that day, please call my cell phone and be there by 1:30.  We will park your car if the few spots at the entrance to Botany Hall are taken.  (If you are there early and can walk, please do not use those parking spots at the entrance to BH.)

Demetria Marsh, Program Chair


Mini Class

​2:00 PM, Sunday,  February 18

Location Botany Hall at Phipps Conservatory