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October 15     Mini Class

​Phipps Garden Center Classroom

​Nancy Kline


How did orchids go from being in the greenhouses of the wealthy to the aisles of big box stores? Nancy will provide an overview of the history of our favorite plants.  Learn new facts about each of the species and come with questions. 

October 15

Mr. Kim Feddersen


In his own words, “I am a third generation orchidholic.”  His love of orchids stems from his grandfather, who spent time in Malaysia, to his father who had a retail orchid nursery in Denmark, and now to him in the US.

Kim’s first passion is paphiopedilums.  His second is vandas.   Kim has grown on windowsills, under lights and now in a greenhouse, where his collection numbers 1500+ plants.  He also does some hybridizing with paphs and miniature vandaceous types.

Currently the newsletter editor for the Deep Cut Orchid Society, he previously served on the board of the New Jersey Orchid Society.  He is a member of both societies plus the AOS.

Mr. Feddersen lives in Maplewood, NJ, with his wife and 5 cats, PLUS some 100+ daylilies, hardy orchids and an assortment of other botanical oddities.  Kim’s retail orchid business is known as Fair Orchids.

Kim will be selling orchids before and after the meeting.  Come prepared to shop J

(Because our speaker is selling plants, members may not bring plants for sale.)