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1:30p.m. – 2:00p.m.    Neofinetia – Sheila Nathanson

Phipps Garden Center Classroom

While Richard Wagner operas are her true passion, Sheila can get pretty darned excited talking about her orchids, too! And, she’s very good at nurturing them to beauty (perhaps it’s the singing?)  Please join Sheila as she leads our April mini-class where she plans to demonstrate repotting of Neofinetia falcata.  Come watch and learn how to wrap the roots in long-strand sphagnum moss and determine appropriate pot size.  If you missed Sheila’s two lectures at the Show, this is also an opportunity to ask questions about Cattleya (and Tristan and Isolde, time permitting).  It’s informal, informative and fun!  Please join us.

​Janet Lamborn has been involved in the plant diagnostic industry for over seventeen years at AGDIA,
INC. Starting in Agdia’s Testing Services Laboratory, she gained considerable knowledge of the plants
received in the lab, including orchids. After several years in Testing Services, Janet moved into the
Sales and Marketing department. She works closely with Agdia’s customers, including specialty plant
groups such as orchid societies, making sure members and hobbyists understand what they should be
testing for and the options that are available.
Janet will show us a close-up look at each viral pathogen, what it looks like and how it’s transmitted.
She will also talk about sanitation practices, testing options and what to do with those results.
What a wonderful opportunity to learn about virus and how to keep your orchids safe and healthy

Demetria Marsh, Program Chair


Mini Class

​2:00 PM, Sunday,  February 18

Phipps Garden Center

​Janet Lamborn