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Mini-Class:  Growing and Flowering Dendrobium Nobile

By Raj Popat

Time: Sunday, April 28, 2019, 1:30pm
Location:  Phipps Garden Center

Time: Sunday, April 28, 2019, 2:15pm
Location: Phipps Garden Center
1059 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232

Orchid Panel Discussion / Questions and Answers

Hi !  I am excited to tell you about the format for our Sunday,  April 28th meeting. The meeting will be held at the Phipps Garden Center on at 1059 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232. @ 2:15 PM with the mini class beginning at 1:30PM.  The meeting will first address some business items followed by a panel discussion that will address your Orchid questions.  It will be your meeting.  We will have a panel of OSWP members that have combined 80+ years of experience growing orchids.  They will discuss their orchid growing experiences briefly then we will open up the meeting to review your questions.  Perhaps you bought a new orchid at the OSWP March show and need to know a bit more information about the orchid and growing conditions…  or perhaps you have had an orchid for several years that has not bloomed for you in a long time (or ever… don’t worry… that happens).  Perhaps you want more general information such as identifying where you can find terrestrial orchids on a hike in PA or how to safely place your orchids outside in summer…  This panel will be happy to answer your questions or can open questions up to those in attendance.  This should be a fun and informative day.  We will have a software product available called “Orchid Wiz” to look up information on specific orchids so if you have a question on a specific orchid,  please remember to bring or take a clear picture of the label/tag in your orchid.  No label, well that is a bit more tricky, however, take a photo of the plant…  or if you would like, please bring your plant(s) that you have some questions regarding. (in bags, of course). 

The Distinguished Panel  –

Our current OSWP president, Demetria Marsh, whom has been growing orchids for over 40 years and she is still learning.  She has grown in greenhouses, plant rooms, under lights, outside and now on windowsills. She has grown all types of orchids and is still learning about new species, hybrids and cultural tips.

The Orchid Manager of the award winning orchid collection at Phipps Conservatory (and OSWP member), Katie Schuller, who you may remember gave a great talk at our February 17th meeting on Stanhopea orchids.  Katie has worked in the Victorian glasshouse in Oakland (Phipps)  for three years.  She has been taking such great care of the orchids at Phipps and will tell you that she has performed an abundant amount of research on the internet!

My Co-Vice President and longtime orchid grower, Timothy Choltco, whom has been growing orchids for 36 years and has been a member of the society since he was in his teens.  He can be found often on the weekend teaching classes about Orchids at Phipps.  He grows many variety of orchids and is the owner of Harbinger Orchids, (www.harbingerorchids.com)  where he currently sells many different varieties of orchids.  

OSWP members are welcome to sell or trade their own plants during this meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you all.  If you have any questions prior to the meeting regarding what you can sell or bring, please feel free to contact me directly.