OSWP Pinic 

If you would like to share a meal with the speaker, when possible, at a restaurant or at someone‚Äôs home, please let us know.

Time: Sunday, July 21, 2019, 2:30pm
Location: Timothy Choltco's Home

1866 Bull Creek Road Tarentum PA 15084-3018

The picnic proper will begin at 2:30pm.

A short garden tour will be at 2pm. This includes a short tour of the basement growing room. Brats and soft drinks will be provided by the O.S.W.P.

This picnic is open to plant sales.

Each attendee is expected to RSVP. Please RSVP. PLEASE Call Tim at 814-574-2551 to RSVP.

Each attendee is expected to bring a side dish, a salad, or dessert.

This is a BYOB and BYOC event. BYOB... obvious. BYOC = Bring your own chair.
The address is 1866 Bull Creek Road Tarentum PA 15084-3018.

Take exit 14 (Tarentum) of route 28.
From South 28: As you exit you will have a choice to veer right or follow the hill straight down.
Follow the hill straight down. (If you veer right you will head into Tarentum proper and will not be
seen or heard from again.) At the bottom of the hill turn left at the stop sign. This is Bull Creek
Road. I am less than a mile from this point.
From North 28: Turn right at the stop sign. This is Bull Creek Road. I am less than a mile from
this point.
You will pass:Woodlawn Golf Course on the left.
Toured Mine on the right.
Shortly after this you will come to a VERY sharp right bend in the road. Turn on your right turn
signal at this point.
As you take this bend you will see to your left a green Iron Bridge and Bull Creek proper.
200 feet or so you will see 3 houses together on the right.
I am the 3rd house. The driveway is directly after the hedge around the neighboring house with the
two large upside down cone-shaped Yew trees.
Pull straight into the driveway and into the back yard. You will drive past the garage on ITS right
side. The parking area will be ribboned off. The picnic area proper is in the front yard next to the
house under two large Maple trees.
IF YOU GPS... Realize that the box numbers in Fawn Township make no sense. My neighbor is
20 feet away and is 1852... I am 1866. Apparently they are counting the rabbits living in the woods
as box numbers 1853-1865.