No meeting in August...

Next meeting September 17...George Hatfield...Hatfield Orchids on cymbidiums.

Mini-classes are held at 1:30 p.m. prior to each monthly meeting and are designed to strengthen your skills and learn from fellow growers.

 Carol Panza will host this year’s final class: Growing Seedlings from Community Pots (Compot).  Carol will demonstrate how to transplant a compot into another compot (phrags) using new mix.   The old “seedlings” will be transplanted into new mix and some will move up to a single paph pot.  Carol will explain and have samples of the mix and other items she uses in this process.  This is the final lecture for the year.  All are encouraged to attend and learn from Carol’s vast experience and success in growing award winning plants.

The July picnic, hosted by Tim Choltco, provides a social setting where we continue to broaden horizons and friendships through food and stimulating conversations regarding orchid growing and other life experiences.  In August, OSWP takes a vacation.  I’m developing the 2017-18 schedule to begin in September.  If you have ideas/suggestions or knowledge to share, please call or email contact me:

No meeting in JULY...picnic at Tim Choltco

July 16...more info to come

Mini Class Schedule

1:30p.m. – Phipps Garden Center Classroom