Peter Lin is well known in Phalaenopsis circles as a breeder of novelty and fragrant
orchids. Growing up in Taiwan as a self-described “10 year old orchid addict”, Peter
came to the United States at age 12 to pursue his education.

A regional speaker and former editor of International Phalaenopsis Alliance
newsletter, Peter has studied at the Dallas AOS Center and served as a program
chair with local Texas Orchid Societies. An annual trip to Taiwan keeps him updated
on the latest developments in Taiwanese phal breeding.
Peter will talk on Hybridizing and Growing Novelty Phalaenopsis.
What was your first orchid?  My first orchid was given to me by a neighbor who had
to leave a small collection when she moved.
What was your biggest mistake in orchid growing: I had a Phalaenopsis stuartiana
that produced 30+ flowers in a 3.5 inch pot with roots all over. It was a plant that I
neglected to repot for 2-3 years. I was thrilled with the number of flowers, and felt
guilty for not repotting it. I repotted it by covering all the roots in potting mix. This
plant died in a week.
What is your favorite orchid? Novelty phalaenopsis -- because they are usually
more colorful and sometimes fragrant.  As a hybridizer I can see my progeny in 2-3
Awarded plants? About 50 of my plants have been awarded.  My first awarded
phalaenopsis was Phal. Taida Lawrence 'Peter Lin' HCC/AOS – beautiful clear deep
yellow flower.  Phal. Celebe's Wave 'Smile Sawn' HCC/AOS is my most recent award.

Phal. Ho's Green Double-micholitz 'Peter Lin', HCC /AOS

Words of advice to new orchid lovers: Just have fun. Be very selective.  Only buy as
many plants as you have time to take care of them.
To learn more about Big Leaf orchids, see Peter’s awards and to pre-order plants,
visit http://

Phal. Texas Jewel 'Peter Lin', HCC/AOS

June 12, 2011