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A joint initiative between Phipps Conservatory and the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania to create and cultivate an orchid collection of note for enjoyment, education and research.

November, 2022


Pfun at Phipps, a vital part of the OSWP’s volunteer work at Phipps, is repotting orchids as well as doing the inventory of the Phipps orchid collection.  The Pfunsters are also helping as the Clean-up Crew too.   We are going to Phipps most Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30AM – 12:30PM.  If you don’t think you have the expertise to repot orchids or work on the inventory, you can help with orchid greenhouse clean-up.  It’s all a great learning experience for all of us.


If you would like to join our Pfun/P-OSI efforts and haven’t previously signed up with us, please let us know at the email addresses below.  We are using at least 4 members each date, with at least one being a more experienced grower.


(If it’s your first visit, you must stop in at the Volunteer Office with proof of vaccination and ID and sign a photo release.  At the moment, all of the volunteers are required to wear masks at Phipps.)


Don’t miss the Winter Flower and Light Show at Phipps:  Holiday Magic, opening November 18th.


Looking forward to working and learning together and having Pfun!

P-OSI Team Leaders:

  • Minis
    Tim Choltco, Lori McDermott, Lance Cheuvront, Kim McClellan

  • Vandas/Oncidiums
    Vidki Strod, Jim Yamber

  • Cymbidiums
    Jim Yamber

  • Cattleyas/Epidendrums
    Mike Lysy

  • Dendrobiums
    Raj Popat

  • Slippers
    Michelle Panasiuk, Demetria Marsh


Let us know if you would like to help out when we are able to return to volunteering at Phipps!
We’d love to have you join us!

For more information, contact:

Nancy Kline

Demetria Marsh