October 2020

We are still waiting and watching. 

I thought we would be back long ago but Phipps is opening slowly for volunteers. When things do open up, you will be the first to know.

Stay well and in touch.

Nancy Kline


We park in the Phipps lot off Frew St. Ext. after leaving a sign on our dashboard that indicates we are volunteers. From the parking lot, it is a short walk up a driveway to the production greenhouses. We begin at 9:30 and typically are finished by 12:30 with a break during our session. We often take time for lunch at the Cafe.

In the rare event that there is no parking in that area, just park in the front of the Conservatory, in the visitors’ lot around the statue. If you need to do this, do NOT put a note on your dashboard that you are volunteering!  There is usually parking on the driveway to the greenhouses. The road is narrow so, one side only and close to the curb. ​​​​

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