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May 2022

Back to work, better known as Pfun at Phipps:


We are now welcome back to help with the orchid collection at Phipps.  We have finished repotting most of the cymbidiums and are moving on to cattleyas or whatever else Giovanny needs.  We are going to Phipps most Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30AM – 12:30PM.  (If it’s your first visit, you must stop in at the Volunteer Office with proof of vaccination and ID and sign a photo release.  All of the volunteers are required to wear masks at Phipps.)


If you would like to join our Pfun efforts and haven’t previously signed up with us, please let us know at the email addresses below.  We are using 3 members each date, with at least one being a more experienced grower.

Our May dates are filled so we would be looking at the Mondays and Thursdays in June.


In the April edition of Helping Hands, the Phipps volunteer newsletter, the Pfun volunteers have pictures plus a mention earlier in the newsletter.  Very special!


Thanks and looking forward to working and learning together.


PS:  Phipps Summer Flower Show: Monet in Bloom opens on May 7th.  Don’t miss it!

Are you willing to help with the Phipps Orchid Collection in some capacity?

Phipps and the OSWP have partnered since the OSWP’s founding in 1954.  Our relationship has strengthened over the decades.

  1. Workers, to help as needed, repotting, unpacking, cleaning, watering, whatever;

  2. Team Leaders, to help with inventory, etc. of the Phipps Orchid Collection.  The Teams are: Minis and Misc; Vandas and oncidiums; Cymbidiums; Cattleyas and epidendrums; Dendrobiums; Slippers.

  3. Experts, within each team we need members who are very knowledgeable and successful growing and beautifully blooming certain types of orchids, requiring specialized care.

If you are willing to volunteer for any of the above teams (or all of them) please email or call one of us.  We will be delighted to have your help, as will Phipps.  We will then pass this information along to Ben to use as soon as possible.  For most of us, that will be in the new year, 2022. 

Looking forward to getting back to work to help Phipps with their Orchid Collection and as always, learn more about orchids and others.

Nancy Kline



Demetria Marsh, P-OSI



We park in the Phipps lot off Frew St. Ext. after leaving a sign on our dashboard that indicates we are volunteers. From the parking lot, it is a short walk up a driveway to the production greenhouses. We begin at 9:30 and typically are finished by 12:30 with a break during our session. We often take time for lunch at the Cafe.

In the rare event that there is no parking in that area, just park in the front of the Conservatory, in the visitors’ lot around the statue. If you need to do this, do NOT put a note on your dashboard that you are volunteering!  There is usually parking on the driveway to the greenhouses. The road is narrow so, one side only and close to the curb. ​

For Phipps OSWP volunteers (from Deb Knorr, Volunteer Coordinator):
The volunteer name tag gets you in for free whether you are volunteering at that time or just visiting. If you are visiting with a guest, you would use the name tag for yourself and a comp pass for the guest. The Admissions Desk has a list of active volunteers. Your name would fall under the umbrella of “Orchid Society volunteers”. With your name tag, you receive the 20% discount at the gift shop. However, the cafe discount is only 
available on the day you volunteer. If you are a volunteer but don't have a name tag, we can work on that when we return. 

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