November 14, 2021 Meeting

Our November 14 meeting will be in person for those vaccinated folks who want to attend in person, Zoom our speaker into the Botany Hall, and Zoom at least the miniclass and speaker to anyone who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their home.

A Zoom invitation will be sent to all members, choose your preferred method of enjoying our meeting.

Those attending in person are welcome to bring items for sale and Show and Tell plants.

We got to take a good look at Botany Hall, and were pleased to note the auditorium has large, working windows. We plan, weather permitting, to allow a bit of fresh air to circulate, and will request all attendees to please wear a mask when not eating or drinking.

See you on Sunday, November 14!

Date: Sunday 11/14/2021

Location: Botany Hall, Frew St Ext, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Mini Class

Topic: Cymbidiums: Types, care, potting etc. by Jim Yamber


Time: 12:30pm

Please join myself and the O.S.W.P. for the November 2021 mini-class. This mini-class will be a discussion of Cymbidium culture. This month Jim Yamber has volunteered to discuss Cymbidiums. There are several types of Cymbidiums. Cymbidiums range in size from 12” miniature species to 30” + tall standard hybrids. Culturally they can also be tropical plants with thick textured leaves. However, the majority of those in common cultivation tend to be more cold tolerant types that require a drier cooler to cold autumn-winter to initiate their buds. For most Cymbidiums autumn to spring is their peak blooming period. In decades past standard Cymbidium flowers were often the choice spring season and Easter corsage flowers. To this day these orchids evoke an emotional response among many with memories of mum and grand mum festooned with their corsages while sporting their weekend or Sunday best attire.

Please join Jim, myself, and the rest of the O.S.W.P. for this presentation prior to the regular.

O.S.W.P. meeting. Timothy Choltco 2nd Vice President and all around decent sentient being.


Main Meeting

Topic: Life on the Rocks: The World of Rupicolous Orchids

By Ron Kaufmann

Time: 2:00pm

Our speaker in November will be Ron Kaufmann, chair of the San Diego County Orchid Society Conservation Committee and a founding director of the Orchid Conservation Alliance. Ron has been growing orchids for more than 25 years and has travelled extensively to view orchids in the wild in Asia and South America, particularly Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. His talk titled "Life on the Rocks: The World of Rupicolous Orchids" will explore the habits and habitats of orchids that grow on rocks, with a focus on Brazil.

Ron is a marine biologist by training, and his scientific work includes studies of Antarctic and deep-sea ecosystems as well as marine communities in coastal Southern California. His orchid collection began with a reedstem Epidendrum and progressed to a diverse assemblage that contains mostly species orchids.

Ron has a long-standing interest in conservation and has been a member of the SDCOS Conservation Com- mittee for nearly 25 years and chair since 2004. Since 1991, the Conservation Committee has awarded nearly $250,000 to support projects in 23 different countries. Ron also helped to found the Orchid Conservation Alliance and serves on the boards of the OCA, Orchid Digest, and Fundación EcoMinga (an Ecuadorian conservation organization), as well as the American Orchid Society Conservation Committee.

Ron grows most of his orchids in a 36 x 24 foot greenhouse and several outdoor shade-covered areas around his house in San Diego. Friends have suggested that he build a second, much larger greenhouse to accommodate the many plants that often make walking through his greenhouse an exercise requiring extensive training in gymnastics and yoga to avoid serious injury. Thus far, this recommendation hasn’t been followed, although the temptation is always there.


If you are an OSWP member with an email address the Zoom invitation should already be in your inbox.  If you can not find it, you may contact, or for a repeat mailing.