10/18 Zoom Meeting

Our October 18 meeting will be all Zoom.


Mini Class:

Nobile-type and other cold weather deciduous Dendrobium – Raj Popat


Time: 1:15pm

Please join us for the mini-class prior to the October 2020 meeting. 

Raj Popat has offered to discuss the culture of Nobile-type Dendrobiums and other similar deciduous Dendrobiums. These Dendrobiums prefer / NEED a cool to cold dry period fall – spring in order to set their buds. A lot of failure to flower these plants is due to growing them too warm and not permitting them their normal dormancy. These orchids put out quite a display of color on leafless or nearly leafless canes. Raj is an expert level Dendrobium grower, as exhibited by his plants often found exhibited in the O.S.W.P. display and the O.S.W.P. show and tell table.

Main Meeting

Topic Growing Orchids on the Windowsill

Time: 2:00pm


The meeting proper will begin at 2pm - the Zoom link, which will come in an email from Brooke Decker, our Zoom host, will be active around 1 pm to help with technical difficulties.

If you are an OSWP member with an email address the Zoom invitation should already be in your inbox.  If you can not find it, you may contact kikidecker@gmail.comquail1@verizon.net, or msnsan@gmail.com for a repeat mailing.


Thank you to all who responded to our poll. The overwhelming majority were in favor of continuing to meet via Zoom. When we feel safe meeting in person, we'll assemble at Botany Hall. For now, this is definitely the safest option.


Mini Class Tentative Schedule

2020 - November 15 will be Mike Lysy: Growing Cattleyas.


2020 - December no mini-class - usually Holiday Party


2021 - January 17 will be Demetria Marsh: Growing Slipper Orchids.


2021 - February 21 will be Carolyn Bolton: Preparing Plants for the Show.


2021 - March - Show



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