President's Letter

October 2020


Fall really sneaked up on us - after a very hot and dry summer, we suddenly have nights dipping into the 40s, with nothing in between. I believe this is referred to as Pittsburgh. I hope everyone has moved their warmer growers inside, so you can move them outside again when things warm up again! But just keep in mind- it will keep changing, so if you have cold intolerant plants you treasure, just let them stay put inside until next summer.

Our Zoom meetings have been successful- having our main speaker via Zoom has been a revelation ! Much easier for everyone, and the format still allows for live questions at the end.

Our next meeting, October 18, will be via Zoom. Anyone who has not participated in the Zoom experience should give it a try. If I can do it, you can do it!

We will have a mini class at 1:30pm on growing and flowering nobile dendrobiums.

Dave Springer and Kathy Arria are working on a panel discussion on general orchid culture, with lots of opportunities for questions.

Nancy Kline reported at our last meeting that we are still unable to resume Pfun at Phipps at this time, due to Covid restrictions. We miss our wonderful hands on experiences there, and are hoping to resume our work with Katie Schuller soon.

If you have enjoyed the Zoom meetings, please share that with members you know who have not tried it yet. We have lots of room in a Zoom meeting, and you don’t have to drive to Oakland!

Be well, stay safe, and continue to think orchids!


Mike Lysy and Sheila Nathanson

OSWP CoPresidents​​

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