President's Letter

November 2022


Hi Everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone at the OSWP meetings! We have had such a nice turn out the last couple months. I am a huge fan of fall weather, and know how hard it is spend all afternoon inside when the sun is shining and the trees look like they belong on a postcard. Not to mention, the 1 o’clock Steeler games have made it rough for our sports fans. So thank you to all those who have attended the meetings, brought plants for Show &Tell, and to everyone taking the time to read our newsletter! It is much appreciated.

Next month we once again be adding Zoom to our meeting. The OSWP will meet in person at the Phipps Garden Center on Shady Ave as regularly scheduled. However, our speaker will be joining us on a Zoom call. I know, it’s always nice to have everyone in person, and yes, it can be challenging. Yet, on a positive note, Zoom will open the door to many new speakers who could otherwise never join us in person.

As many of you know, the Garden Center will be undergoing renovations. We are still waiting to learn when the work will start. So, for now, our meetings remain at the Garden Center. I will be sure to share any updates as soon as possible.

Enjoy the fair weather and your orchids! See you in November.

Michelle and Dave Panasiuk

Co-Presidents, OSWP