President's Letter

July 2021


As I am writing this, it is still technically spring. We have not had a day with a high under 80 for a couple of weeks. If your plants are enjoying the warmth, light, and humidity outdoors, you probably should increase the frequency of your watering. Anything mounted or in an airy basket (think vandas) should be misted heavily as many times a day as you can. Also, adilute feeding with extra Mag - Cal every couple of weeks will be much appreciated by your cattleyas, most busily growing new pseudobulbs for flowering.

It was wonderful seeing new and old members at the Swap and Sale, including our youngest member, 5 week old Dimitri ! The weather was warm, but we had shade, each other, and orchids.

One of the highlights of the day was having the privilege of presenting Jim Yamber with an Orchid Digest Diamond Award, which is an honor bestowed upon an orchid society member who has served the society with excellence. We certainly all agree that Jim has gone above and beyond to keep us informed, entertained and in possession of our Zoom invitations throughout this past year. We could not have done this without him, and we are grateful.

I'm looking forward to our June 27 Zoom meeting, and the annual picnic, which takes the place of our July meeting. Elsewhere in this newsletter will be picnic details.

Continue to enjoy our climb out of the pandemic and think orchids !

Mike Lysy and Sheila Nathanson

OSWP CoPresidents