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The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania was organized in 1954 and formed to advance the propagation, horticulture and preservation of orchid species and hybrids. We are a member of the American Orchid Society, the Orchid Digest Corporation and the National Capital Judging Center.


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What's new?

12/10 OSWP Holiday Party


Upcoming speakers:

  • January 21, Deborah Boarsma, Tiny Slippers AKA Miniature Paphs,  Virtual, Members can sell plants

News: Large Sobralia Orchid in Bloom at Phipps, and more

Phipps Orchid Volunteer Sign-up


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The Barbara Tisherman Slipper Orchid Collection at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA, established in 2012 is continually growing to be a Living Museum of Slipper Orchids.


Virtual Show and Tell 


See our other member’s blooms.

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Orchid Gem 


Meet our members and learn about their orchid stories.


Learn about Orchids 


Culture Corner and informational articles on orchids.


OSWP Library 


Borrow books about orchids.

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