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2023 Spring Show - "Orchid Obsession"


Missed the OSWP 2023 orchid show? Here're what happened:

Thank You, Committee Chairs

Well, that was a great show- plenty of plants, activities, friends and food. Now that I'm almost caught up with watering, repotting my new acquisitions and laundry, this is the time to express deepest thanks and profound gratitude to all those who stepped up when asked (begged) to chair a committee, and those who volunteered their valuable time to work on the multitude of jobs required to produce a beautiful show, and to all of the sponsors thank you.


  • AOS Photography..........Kim ( Incomparable) Frankenfield

  • Clerks( And lots more).......Carol Panza

  • Education ( The One and Only)......Tim Choltco

  • Exhibits( My Friend and Yours ) ......Jim Yamber

  • Financial ( The $$$$ Guru ).........Janet Greenberg

  • Hospitality ( The Host with the Most ) ....Mike Lysy

  • Helpers ( And Endlessly Helpful) .....Demetria Marsh

  • Judging ( Someone's Gotta Do It).... Dave Miller

  • Membership ( The Very Persuasive)....Kathy Collins

  • OSWP Craft Table ( The Artistic )........ Brian Powell

  • Plant Parking ( A Great Team)... Cindy Weiland and Susan Levish

  • Publicity ( Wonderful and Talented) .....Dave Motak

  • Raffle and Silent Auction ( Our Presidents) ..Michelle and Dave Panusiak

  • Registration ( The Endlessly Patient) .........Tim Choltco

  • Repotting ( A Dynamic Duo).. Katie Schuller and Cam Schmidt

  • Social Media ( And Plant Security) .........Lance Chevrount

  • Society Exhibit (Wonderful Team)........Carolyn Bolton and John Whiting

  • Society Member Sales ( A Big Job,Well Done) .....Leslie Kaplan and Holly Schrum

  • Trophies ( Ensuring Prize Funding-Yay!) ........Joyce Turkaly

  • Vendors ( Cat Herder )..............Norma Raiff

  • Web Mistress ( Many Jobs Well Done).........Jinghua Ou

  • Welcome Table ( Smiling All Weekend!)....Mary Ann Pike

In addition to the Committee Chairs, there are many members who showed up and worked hard to do myriad tasks, and for that we are grateful.
This is what it's all about - coming together with a common goal of spreading the word about the fun and camaraderie of the OSWP( and getting first dibs at the vendor tables). We did a spectacular job and I am ex- hausted, but happy.

See You All Soon,

Sheila Nathanson, Janet Greenberg, and Norma Raiff, Show Chairs

2023 OSWP Show AOS Adward Winners

Congratulations to this year’s AOS Winners.


  • OSWP society exhibit received AOS Show Trophy and AOS Silver Certificate with a score of 85.

  • Phragmipedium Nitidissimum 'Rayber' CCM/AOS to Phipps Conservatory with a score of 81

  • Paphiopedilum Alluringly Wood 'Wade's Orchids' AM/AOS to Wade Hollenbach with a score of 80

  • Rodrumnia Blushing Bride 'Windswept's Magic' HCC/AOS to Edgar Stehli with a score of 78

  • Cymbidium Pink Floss AM/AOS to Bill Schumann with a score of 82.

  • Dendrobium Specio-kingianum CCM/AOS to Phipps Conservatory with a score of 81

OSWP Show Outreach and Education

This year’s record-breaking show attendance is the product of numerous efforts by our in-house media expert, Dave Motak, and those social network-savvy OSWP members who used social media to educate and inform.

Thank you all.

And it takes a community. Thus, a recently highlighted strategy was to systematically arrange for informal community talks accompanied by orchids in bloom.

Throughout March, and continuing into April, these members provided outreach. Our ap- proaches varied, but the focus was on OSWP’s mission, orchid education, responding to audi- ence “what ifs”, and being enthusiastic about our show.


  • Tim Choltco: Upper St. Clair Library; Bethel Park Library; Frank Sarris Library; and Pittsburgh Today Live

  • Demetria Marsh: Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall; Sewickley Public Library; Pittsburgh Today Live

  • Norma Raiff: Mt. Lebanon Public Library, St. Catherine’s Guild (St. Louise de Marillac Church); Encore on the Lake (senior community scheduled for April); Friendship Village (scheduled for April)

  • Chuck Oldenburg: Peters Township Library

  • Gary VanGelder: South Park Library

Others pitched in as well by following through on inquires, disseminating show-related material,
and whose very presence spoke of OSWP camaraderie.

  • Joyce Turkaly

  • Janet Greenberg

  • Rich Raiff

Finally, a profound thanks to those who generously shared blooming orchids to “perk up” the discussions. Thank you to Hossein Noorbaksh, Phipps Conservatory, and Sheila Nathanson. You trusted us with your treasures and their real-time presence provided that extra “oh my gosh.”

Norma Raiff

Thanks to the generosity of local restaurants for their food donations for the Spring Show hospitality room.


  • Pizzaz Italian Restaurant, 2850 Washington Rd, Peters Twp.

  • BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, 1819 Washington Rd. USC

Your patronage of these restaurants is appreciated, and please be sure to thank them for their food donation for the orchid show.

Jerry is the owner of Pizzaz Italian Restaurant and I’m sure would enjoy the feedback. And, please tell Bj’s to thank the kitchen manager.

Janet Greenberg

OSWP April 2023, thanking trophy sponsors

OSWP and the trophy awardees are grateful for the follow- ing trophy sponsorships, for the March OSWP Spring Show awards:

$25 Judging Trophies:

  • Jinghua Ou- 2

  • Taylor Slaughter- 3

  • Janet Greenberg

  • Denny & Karen Licht- 4

  • Bill Schumann- 6

  • Sheila Nathansan- 2

  • Brien & Demetria Marsh

  • Jim & Teddy Emberg

  • Norma Raiff

  • John Whiting

$75 AOS Trophy:

  • Barbara Tisherman

Thank you for your generous support of the OSWP orchid show! Special thanks goes out to Trophy Chair, Joyce Turkaly, for her diligent work in ensuring that the sponsorships were covered, and in handling the documents.

OSWP Spring Show Program Booklet Sponsors:

OSWP is grateful for our generous program booklet sponsors. Many are repeat corporate sponsors, small business sponsors and especially the OSWP member sponsors. Thank you for everyone’s diligent work in obtaining these sponsors.



Bob Oldenburg
Don Ammon
Sheila Nathanson
Phipps Conservatory
Windswept In Time Orchids
John Whiting
Wade Orchids
AOS Awards for the OSWP Exhibit
West Shore Society
Woodstream Orchids
Mayfield Village Orchids
Akron Society
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