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2023 Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2023 is now over.  It was a wonderful event. We had more attendees this than any other year. Members, family members and guests enjoyed the company, the food, the presentation, and the cookie table.

First, let me give a big thank you to Kathy and Mike Collins for hosting Fred Clark.  His plane was scheduled to land at 8:30pm.  With the way flight delays happen it could have been a very late night for them.  I hope they enjoyed his company.  Fred is very personable.

Next a big shout out to Janet Greenberg! I couldn’t not have done this without her assistance and her expert Excel skills when my spreadsheet was not doing what I wanted it to do.  And keeping all the parts moving well.  The shame is that on the weekend of the party she was sick and could not attend. 

Thank you to everyone who brought cookies for the cookie table.  It is such a treat to be able to have a selection of treats before, during and after dinner!  You know some folks can’t help but have a cookie or two or more as an appetizer!  The variety of cookie treats were delicious. 

Fred Clark is a wonderful speaker and although he changed the topic, he can certainly read the room and chose a topic, “Be an 80% Grower”, that had something for the beginner and the advanced grower.  His presentation was lively, humorous at times and filled with tips to be a better grower.  Who was the fortunate attendee who had a thumb drive in her purse?  It would be wonderful if some of us could get a copy of the information.  Please contact me and I will plan to bring a thumb drive or transfer it to the computer we use for the meetings, and I can make other thumb drives for members who would want a copy. The members would have to bring their own thumb drive.  The favor plants he bought for us were wonderful seedlings of his crosses and had a few other plants for sale.  It was a bargain to be able to preorder without having to pay for shipping.

The staff of the Crown Plaza, especially, Lynn, was great when we discovered that they had the room set up for only 70 guests. There was a quick set up of tables and moving of the tables so that all the folks could see Fred’s PowerPoint. 

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time and were able to meet other members they didn’t know.

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