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WE are now members of the MAOC!

We recently joined MAOC to participate in the Guido Braem Presentation on Phragmipediums. Eric Sauer, President of MAOC, gives us a short explanation of the benefits of joining the Congress:

The Mid America Orchid Congress is a group of orchid societies that have come together to help make each of our societies stronger by providing resources to improve leadership, orchid shows, volunteer involvement and increase membership. The MAOC also provides regular times to come together both in person and through online meetings to teach, share information, build friendships to learn about and protect these things we all commonly love.... Orchids!

Visit our new group at and explore this new exciting organization!

Large Sobralia Orchid in Bloom at Phipps

Hello everyone,
I have exciting news to share from the orchid collection, our very own Sobralia rogersiana is in bloom, a first at Phipps! This plant hails from the humid to semidry forests in Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, and is massive! The canes are about 8 feet long and topped with big and beautiful (albeit short-lived) flowers. Our plant was originally acquired as Sobralia macrantha, a very similar species from Central America from which it was later distinguished based on its height (S. rogersiana is twice as tall), having a deeper notch in the lip and the overall shape of the lip tube.
As mentioned above, the flowers are short-lived, typically lasting under a day. The good news is that each inflorescence bears multiple flowers in succession (like daylilies do), and with multiple canes in bloom, we certainly will have flowers to admire while the plant is on display.
You may find S. rogersiana in the Orchid room in the middle bed of the North side wall.


Giovanny Giraldo, PhD.

Orchid Display Horticulturis

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens



Taylor Slaughter: One of our own receives national prestigious American Orchid Society award

By: Demetria Marsh, Norma Raiff


Many long-term OSWP members know Taylor and Frank Slaughter. Even a brief snapshot of their accomplishments is breathtaking. The couple served as Presidents of the OSWP and often opened their home and greenhouse to host an amazing array of fun events including Society holiday parties, picnics, Culture Study Group and Award Study Group. In a nutshell, they were more than generous with their time, effort, and willingness to share their knowledge as they spent 6 years becoming AOS judges.


Frank and Taylor moved to Philadelphia several years ago, but generally return to help with AOS judging at our March Show. It’s a time for renewing friendships, catching up, and continuing to learn from their vast experience.


And so now for the News: in recognition of over 30 years of longstanding effort, Taylor has been awarded the very prestigious Thomas Sheehan Award for Outstanding Service by an AOS Volunteer (Orchids Magazine, May 2023).


This award “recognizes and applauds a member who has demonstrated sustained and exemplary volunteer service that leaves a lasting positive impact on the AOS.”

And to quote: “Taylor Slaughter’s contributions to the AOS span more than four decades (1980s–present) at both local and national levels. Her remarkable achievements have consistently supported and strengthened the AOS.”

Here’s a quick run-through of some of Taylor’s important roles: Taylor chaired the National Capital Judging Center in DC (1990–2003, 2014–2018). She has also served as an AOS Trustee (2003– 2004, 2007–2011), an AOS vice president (2005–2006), and was the first chairperson of the Governance Committee (2008-2012). As chair of the AOS Judging Committee (2018–2022), she instituted many innovations, even during the COVID-19 epidemic.


Taylor and her husband, Frank, who has also spearheaded many AOS projects, were previously honored (2013) with an AOS silver medal for their creative reconfiguration of the annual year-end special awards. Appointed an honorary vice president in 2014, Taylor continues to provide advice to the Board on an ongoing basis.


Wow, who knew?

Taylor and Frank Slaughter.png

West Shore Orchid Show

Carol Panza, Chuck Oldenburg, Kathy Collins and Carolyn Bolton took plants from 7 growers to the West Shore show April 22, 2023 in Strongsville Ohio.  Set up began at 11 am and we were amazed that we were finished at 4:15 and had lots of time left over to shop the vendors.  We had a total of 68 orchids in the exhibit. Plants in the exhibit were from Carol Panza, Hossein Noorbakhsh. Raj Popet, Carolyn Bolton, Sheila Nathanson, Chuck Oldenburg and Phipps.  We did very well.  We won 11 awards including the AOS Show Trophy and a Silver Certificate. 

Besides the AOS Show Trophy/Silver Certificate these are the class trophies

  • Best Orchid Society Exhibit

  • Best Cattleya AND Best in Show!…Sheila Nathanson’s C. skinneri alba ‘Snow’

  • Best First bloom seedling…Carol Panza’s Rth. Kabloom x Rlc. William Farrell

  • Best Oncidium…Chuck’s Tolumnia Genting Pink Lady

  • Best Miscellaneous… Chuck’s Maxilaria tenuifolia…huge plant

  • Best Pleurothalid/Masdevallia…Carolyn’s Masdevallia Cassiope ‘Alexa’ HCC/AOS

  • Best Cymbidium…Carolyn’s Cymbidium Memoria Amelia Eahart ‘Scott Valine’ HCC/AOS

  • Best Vanda…Raj’s Vanda falcata

  • Best Dendrobium…Phipps’ Dendrobium aggregatum

West Shore Orchid Show 2023.jpg
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