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West Shore Orchid Show

Carol Panza, Chuck Oldenburg, Kathy Collins and Carolyn Bolton took plants from 7 growers to the West Shore show April 22, 2023 in Strongsville Ohio.  Set up began at 11 am and we were amazed that we were finished at 4:15 and had lots of time left over to shop the vendors.  We had a total of 68 orchids in the exhibit. Plants in the exhibit were from Carol Panza, Hossein Noorbakhsh. Raj Popet, Carolyn Bolton, Sheila Nathanson, Chuck Oldenburg and Phipps.  We did very well.  We won 11 awards including the AOS Show Trophy and a Silver Certificate. 

Besides the AOS Show Trophy/Silver Certificate these are the class trophies

  • Best Orchid Society Exhibit

  • Best Cattleya AND Best in Show!…Sheila Nathanson’s C. skinneri alba ‘Snow’

  • Best First bloom seedling…Carol Panza’s Rth. Kabloom x Rlc. William Farrell

  • Best Oncidium…Chuck’s Tolumnia Genting Pink Lady

  • Best Miscellaneous… Chuck’s Maxilaria tenuifolia…huge plant

  • Best Pleurothalid/Masdevallia…Carolyn’s Masdevallia Cassiope ‘Alexa’ HCC/AOS

  • Best Cymbidium…Carolyn’s Cymbidium Memoria Amelia Eahart ‘Scott Valine’ HCC/AOS

  • Best Vanda…Raj’s Vanda falcata

  • Best Dendrobium…Phipps’ Dendrobium aggregatum

West Shore Orchid Show 2023.jpg
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