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Orchid Show Registration

Welcome to the 2024 OSWP Spring Show registration page. Contact the Show Registrar, Gary VanGelder for questions or assistance at 412-638-9756 or  If you cannot reach him then try Mona Rice at 412-477-2455 or If you have questions about exhibit space, contact Bob Lusnak at


Registration Documents for the 2024 OSWP Spring Show:

  • Registration Instructions
    Explains general exhibition guidelines for registering plants and exhibits.  Contains information about obtaining Exhibitor Numbers and any special classes.  Sample names are also included to help you complete your entries.

  • Show Schedule 
    Lists all available classes for entering exhibits and plants for ribbon judging.

  • Registration Entry Form
    This is the entry form for creating a formatted list of your entries.  You will need your Exhibitor Number to use this as well as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to use the form and the ability to email a completed form to the Show Registrar.

  • Direct Contact Info Form
    This is a form to collect direct contact information for everyone who has a plant in the show so we can contact you directly in case of an urgent registration question.

  • Exhibitor List
    All single exhibitors in an exhibit will have an Exhibitor Number the same as your Exhibit Number are assigned and have been notified by the Registrar.  Single exhibitors include all vendors and many individual amateur exhibitors.  Those in multi-exhibitor exhibits will need to get individual Exhibitor Numbers from the Registrar.  Those few exhibitors with entries in multiple exhibits will have an Exhibitor Number for each exhibit.  Multi-exhibitor exhibits would include Orchid Societies and Amateur Exhibitors who may share plants with one of more other persons.  Contact the Registrar for specific information about assigned Exhibitor Numbers.

  • Show Rules 
    Explains all the exhibition rules and regulations for exhibiting at the show and dates/times for registration.

  • 2024 OSWP Trophy Awards 
    The trophy awards are different than in previous years and they are listed here.  Each trophy will reference the Class Number(s) that qualify and any additional qualification that pertains to each.

  • Genus/Class X-ref List
    This is a simple lookup of Class Number based on the Genus name of your plant.  It will not help for Alliances whose classes are sub-divided by color, flower size or parentage, like Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, or Vanda.  This 2020 version matches our current Show Schedule. (MAOC Classification-July2020-Update 210916)

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