2020 Spring Show - An Orchid Journey

Thank you to All Show Participants

First, we would like to say those who could not participate fully or at all in this year’s show due to health concerns, you were missed. We couldn’t have predicted that we would be involved in a global pandemic when we started planning for the show,in 2019. We decided to go forward with the show because at the time we were setting up, and until late Saturday, there were no confirmed cases in Allegheny County, where the show was held. We maintained social distancing, washed our hands frequently, and monitored ourselves for signs of illness.


We would like to thank those who were able to carry on with the show:

  • Kim McClellan and Lance Cheuvront, AOS Photography, and Lance doing a wonderful job with Social Media Outreach.

  • Carol Panza, who organized Clerks, and worked the Society Sales Table, when she wasn’t building her phenomenal exhibit with Edyth Van Dyke.

  • Jim Yamber, who tirelessly planned who goes where - Exhibits and Vendors. And many other things.

  • Janet Greenberg, our Treasurer, who makes sure money goes where it belongs, and became our co-chair and liason to the hotel. She paid minute attention to details- every chair in every place was due to her diligence in getting the details right!

  • Karen Gibson, who managed Garden Club Outreach to increase awareness of our event.

  • Demetria Marsh, who recruited and organized the Helpers. Under these strained circumstances, that was more necessary than ever. She also is a leader and a helper at all times, even recruiting her husband, Brien, to do the tedious job of constructing and de-constructing the bookshelves.

  • Circe Curley and Mike Lysy, the Dynamic Duo, who,once again, kept us nourished and provided us a place to relax. Also thanks to Circe’s husband, Denny, who helps set up and clean up.

  • Dave Miller, who did so many jobs I am afraid I may forget one. Judging and organizing judges,repotting and being a mentor and sounding board, plus Registration.

  • Mary Jo Miller, who repotted all weekend, when she wasn’t doing other jobs.

  • Val Robey, who cleaned and mended all the drapes, plus innovated many new aspects of Membership. Thanks to her hard work, we have at least 70 new members.

  • Arlene Ricker, who got our event into many publications and boosted attendance,and worked the Welcome Table.

  • Michelle and Dave Panusiuk, who surprised us with their talents handling Trophies and Raffle. Dave has a new job as our official announcer.

  • Tim Choltco,who worked Registration and managed Education. Someday I hope to actually attend his ‘Growing Under Lights ‘.

  • Carolyn Bolton, another champion multi-tasker, who made signs, worked the Society Exhibit, and ran Repotting with Dave Miller.

  • Brooke Decker, who helped with Set Up and Clean Up. We had alot to talk to her about.

  • Kathy Arria, who bravely accepted the challenge of making the Society Exhibit. She was assisted by Carolyn Bolton, John Whiting, Kathy Collins, Tammy Wurst and Lana McDonald.

  • Nancy Kline once again assembled a wondrous collection of plants offered for sale by members. One of our favorite shopping spots.

  • Norma Raiff wrangled, cajoled and strong-armed Vendors. This is a job with many moving parts, and she is master of it. Plus worked with Jinghua to create our new signs. She is another person with many jobs.

  • Jinghua Ou did a magnificent job coordinating our web site with our changing needs. She created our new member email feature, working closely ( email ) with Norma and Val. She showed her artistic side with the beautiful new signs she designed.

  • Dee O’Hara organized volunteers for the Welcome Table, but couldn’t be there due to health concerns. She was missed.

  • Diane Hubiak, who is a newer member, helped mightily with the creation of the new signs. They looked beautiful. Many thanks to Barbara Ford, a friend from the Akron Orchid Society, who manned the Welcome Table.

  • Gary Van Gelder,who worked Membership, and got the online sign up sheet working.


If anyone was omitted, Thank You, and we’ll discuss it at the next meeting, which we hope will be soon.


Sheila Nathanson, Norma Raiff , Tammy Wurst and Janet Greenberg , Show Chairs

Feedbacks from Facebook

"It was wonderful! Everyone really enjoyed the show, the vendors had the time to explain proper care of each purchase, the orchids were amazing! The onlookers respected each other’s space, everything was clean, plenty of soap,paper towels,and toilet paper in the rest rooms. Thank you to the Orchid Society!"

"Great show! Loved the new venue!"

"Always a great and well organized show. This year’s venue made it easy to see everything"

"Glad that it still happened. The orchids were so beautiful and a great distraction to the virus situation before it gets bad in our area. Praying that doesn't happen though. Loving my Sharry Baby orchids in my dining room window. :-) Thank you!!! "

"What an amazing show! Loved the new space, there was so much to see and everyone from the staff to the members were so helpful and kind! Thank you!"

Pictures from the Show

If you missed the show, here are some awesome pictures taken at the show by our members. Enjoy!